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We are a company specializing in vacuum coating.
Basically, you can cover with metal, any material : metal, glass, plastic.
It is a technology that allows the realization of a beauty products and a particularly complex.
The smallest details of the product that will be covered will be highlighted and will surprise you with their beauty and clarity.
Due to the possibility of customizing each type of product, there is no limitation to what you want to appear on the product.
Products made by us addresses both individuals and company.

For individuals who want to give a touch of elegance to certain events : birthdays, weddings, etc., our products create the elegance, distinction and, no least, insert in the memory of the guest at the event, a landmark point that will remember with pleasure long time.

For companies that want an original and unconventional promotion, that impress with strong visual impact, with a special presentation mode, which put the company in the first option of your clients, we can offer the most attractive ways customization of products.
Advertising offered by this products, that this products are perfectly functional, can fulfill the role for which there were created, are always in the front of customers, increase your chances of being the first choice almost all the time.
Our products are designed to be used in daily life, at work or home, with family or work colleagues. These items focus attention toward a better and faster decision making in your products.

All products, made from above materials, no matter how complex it is, can be done according to your desires. Are perfectly safe in operation, meet their exact role for which they were built and in terms of hygiene - are at the highest sanitary standards.

Every customer (individual or company) will be custom treated with maximum care, to be able to translate into reality, the vision of the products. Our products want to enchant, promote and help to develop business and interpersonal relationships.

The products chosen from the store can be ordered as presented, or may be customized according to client. If the client already has the products, we can customize them to meet his needs.

We invite you to browse through our store and choose products that can become your promoters.

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